Faculty: Prof. Jan Ickert, Prof. Roland Glassl, Prof. Christoph Schickedanz
Artists of the final concert 2021
Carla Usberti and Gaeun Song at the Gallus chapel
piano trio in the final concert 2021
Our fantastic pianists 2021
Schickedanz-Sextet at the participants concert in Lindenberg 2021
Jan Milajev, violoncello
The apparition of St. Anne in St. Martin 2021.

Impressions 2011

Chuanru He just before the concert at the 'Galluskapelle'
Holger Spegg, speach at the 'Galluskapelle'
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Concert at the 'Galluskapelle'
Two very skaptical listeners while participants warming up at the 'Galluskapelle'
At night
Group picture 2011
Group picture 2011
Concert in Bad Buchau
Concert in Bad Buchau
Rehearsal with Christoph Schickedanz
Rehearsal with Roland Glassl
...also skaptical...
...even more skaptical...
Rehearsal with Roland Glassl
Open air concert
Going back with the bus
concert with Christoph Schickedanz
Markus Nyikos
Participants concert
Speach of Markus Nyikos
Sigg handing over a present at the end of a long master class
After the final concert at the 'Festhalle' in Leutkirch
Let's celebrate!